On November  30, 2015 Whiterock Missionary Baptist Church voted to accept the recommendation of Janet Hart as treasurer of PMD. She and Bro. Wayne began working together after the new year began.  We have enjoyed having Bro. Wayne and his dear wife Novis in our home while they were working on this transition.

2016  began with a bang.  The weekend of January 16-17 Bro. Wayne and Ms. Novis traveled to Oklahoma, attending a mission rally and preaching  at 3 churches.   He was blessed to present the work to those at the rally and the churches.  He will be traveling to Arkansas and West Texas over the next few weeks.  Please be in prayer for safe travels and that God will bless PMD through this effort.

In Christ,
Bubba Hart

Administrative Assistant

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July Report

Julyreport2015 (1)

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June Report

June 1915 Report (1)

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May 2015 Report


May has been a good month for PMD in several different ways. The Lord has permitted us to share the ministry with several churches and attend some special meetings in Arkansas.

We have enjoyed the time spent with the good people of New Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Benton, AR where our motor home is parked, and their pastor, our Grand-son Zack and his dear wife, Katie.
It was a special joy to attend the Graduation Ceremonies of Missionary Baptist Seminary Little Rock, AR and see Zack receive his Bachelor’s Degree of Bible Languages.

Returning home for a couple of weeks, we were blessed  to be able to attend the wedding of our #3 Grand-son Eli Bobbit and Caitlyn, they make a beautiful couple.
We were also permitted to visit with our sponsoring church and her new pastor. Novis and I are pleased to have Bro. Greg Sutis as our new pastor and look forward to serving with him and his wife JoJo at White Rock Missionary Baptist Church.

Its exciting to see the enthusiasm of the pastor and members of our current project, Christian Missionary Baptist Church Toboso City, Negros Occidental. This church stepped out and began work on their building eight weeks before receiving any PMD funds. They listened to our advice; upon receiving word they were chosen as the next project, immediately began to raise their 15%. The funds began to come in making it possible to begin construction and work 9 weeks before receiving any PMD funds. On May 11th we wired the church $8000.00, their first draw.


(pictured above: National Youth Meeting using the facilities of Ind. Calvary MBC a project of PMD)

During the month, we visited New Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Social Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Kentucky Missionary Baptist Church all of Benton, Enon Missionary Baptist Church, Rison, AR, the AR State Ladies Meeting, the AR Mission Project Meeting, Graduation at Missionary Baptist Seminary, and a lecture on the Rapture.

We were blessed with good offerings, for the project; we received $4292.81 (TOTAL THIS PROJECT $35,401.32), Philippine Travel Fund $85.00, $816.31 designated for salary and three new contributors toward the Project Fund.

God is Good. All the time He is Good,
Wayne Stringer
Director of Promotions in U.S.
Abner Tuazon
Director of Promotions in Philippines

BEG. BALANCE: $31,278.00
Register of monies received from U.S. Churches in MAY
Amazing Grace MBC, Cleveland, 100.00
Abounding Grace MBC Choctaw, OK 50.00
Basset Rd. MBC Palestine , TX 25.00
Austin Chapel MBC, DeKalb, TX 75.00
Bethlehem MBC, Joaquin 75.00
Bogota MBC, Bogota, TX 50.00
Calvary BC, Silsbee, TX 100.00
Calvary MBC, Idabel, OK 75.00
Cicel & Kay Whitten, Timpson, TX 75.00
Damascus MBC, Mt. Pleasant, TX 25.00
Echo Hills MBC, Red Water, TX 111.68
Faith MBC San Antonio, TX 50.00
Fellowship MBC, Joaquin, TX 25.00
Fellowship BC, Pasadena, TX 150.00
First Missionary Mableville, AR 100.00
Green Mountain MBC, Vermont 150.00
Hemphill MBC, Hemphill, TX 50.00
Kentucky MBC, Benton, AR 393.00
Kirbyville MBC, Kirbyville, TX 50.00
Landmark MBC, Athens, TX 100.00
Landmark MBC, Vilonia, AR 42.76
Liberty MBC, Blodgett, TX 50.00
Liberty MBC, McKinney, TX 25.00
Line Creek MBC, Ida, LA 41.31
Longbranch MBC, Carthage, TX 25.00
Memorial Missionary Baptist, Rusk 25.00
Mt. Carmel MBC Ladies Aux. Bradford AR 40.00
New Haven MBC, Clarksville, TX 100.00
North Loop Crockett MBC, Crockett, 100.00
Oak Ridge MBC Maud, TX 134.00
Ora BC, Huntington, TX 25.00
Pane Springs Baptist Church Maybank, TX 166.00
Pinegrove BC, Blanchard, LA 143.28
Quaker Ave. MBC, Lubbock, TX 25.00
Roquemore MBC Henderson, TX 30.39
Shiloh MBC, Vidor, TX 49.00
Stockwell RD MBC, Bossier,  LA 250.00
Suburban Acers MBC, Beaumont, TX 30.00
Timpson MBC (Youth) Timpson, TX 100.00
Unity MBC, Stuart, VA 25.00
Westview MBC, Gainesville, TX 25.00
White Rock MBC, Center TX 75.00
White Rock MBC (miscellaneous) 100.00
Zion Hill MBC 75.00

Ending Balance 35,401.32

Beginning Bal. May 1, $2,218.88
Rec. in May
Spanns Chapel MBC 50.00
Wayne Stringer 35.00
Received 85.00

Ending Balance 2,303.88

Designated for Salary;
Liberty MBC, Blodget, TX 50.00
Austin Chapel MBC DeKalb 50.00
White Rock MBC Center, TX 250.00
Bethel MBC Texarkana, AR 50.00
Avery MBC, Avery, TX 50.00
Bethlehem MBC Joquine, TX 75.00
Kirbyville MBC Kirbyville, TX 50.00
Maple Grove MBC, Menden, TX 50.00
Line Creek MBC Ida, LA 41.31
Zion Hill MBC Minden, TX 75.00

TOTAL 741.31

For speaking;
Social Hill MBC Benton, AR 125.00

Love Offering;
Enon Baptist Church, Rison, AR 300.00

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June 3, 2015 · 1:19 am

Latest information from Davao MBC


thanksgiving1 (1)january 27-2January 27 -1January 27 - 10

january 27 - 13

January 27 - 7

January 27 -1The following is the latest correspondence from Pastor Allan.

Pastor Wayne,

Have a blessed day to you and to your family.
I can’t find any a words that could expressed our gratitude and thanksgiving to God and to those churches behind the success of our first ever cantata and worship service to our new building site. At first, we are hesitant pursuing the said event for we all know that the building is not that fully furnace as we are still on our usual plastering works and premier paintings and finishing mode. But with the grace of God and His complete guidance we really pushed the scheduled activity and yes He made it for us. Thank you God the almighty.
We have a good attendance both in the morning and in the afternoon service. We are surprised with the presence to some of our neighbors who are blessed by God’s message of repentance and grace especially the Batalla family. (lot owner ). We have a good conversation with Mr Batalla and his daughter who also is a doctor by profession.
The message of Paul in Acts chapter 4:34 made us realized how important is the Love of the Church in supporting its needs by selling their portions to supply those who are in needs and to God’s ministry as well. The Jerusalem Church example is very inspiring one.
Please Continue praying for us into this ministerial works of God. I know there are some challenges in the future , we the DCMBC has already built up and established because of your continued sympathy and prayer.
Include also in your prayer , Souls being save! We have a candidate for Baptism this Sunday, May God will give us a good and brighter day.

Pastor Allan

Wayne Stringer; This is what PMD is all about, helping church with a tool that they can truly begin to serve the Lord and carry out the Commission themselves in their own land.

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Day number 76 AT DAVAO MBC

Moving toward completion of another beautiful building as the result of churches, both in the U.S. and Philippines supporting Philippine Mission Development (PMD) with their prayers and offerings. To God be the Glory. With the tool of a beautiful building, I am persuaded this church will be a great wittiness for the Lord and will be used to lead many lost souls to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
WEEK 76 4WEEK 76 3WEEK 76 2WEEK 76 1

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Below is the report received from Pastor Allan Abais. The most encouraging thing about the ministry of PMD and noted in this report, is to see how the churches who have been helped, their members and pastors, begin to grow, to begin to support with their finances and shoulder the responsibilities of taking care of the ministry God has given them. There are many area’s in the Philippines that still need help from sister churches in the U.S., but the help should be directed toward helping them become sufficient within themselves as they trust God. This is the vision of PMD, to assist and then let them go to carry out the Commission on their own. We are seeing churches in the Philippines unite together like never before. Praise God!

Pastor Wayne,

Sorry for the delayed update. Bro Joe and I encountered some problem on our desktop specially on uploading our latest pics. Sister Lizano took it over for us on her mobile phone. I ask here to upload the pics she had taken to the DCMBC FB account and I thank the Lord for her effort.

This past few days is a great week for us. Pastor Abner Tuazon despite of his busy days he still find time visiting our place and checked the building construction of how it is done for now and he was surprised about the progress saying the building is huge and is more beautiful than what he expected. There are members also of the other church of the same faith feel time to be with us and even helped us do the painting on the window fence. Pastor Manny Quiazon and company also visited the construction site last Monday and is happy for the development of the building. We enjoyed taking our lunch on Pastor Manny’s house on the next day 6 hours before Pastor Abner’s flight back to Luzon , his home place.

We, the DCMBC members would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the FMD and the PMD and to all of the brethren in America for their love and devotion for these glorious works of God in the Philippines. Pastor Wayne, I really appreciated the concept of the PMD specially on the “faith promise” that you shared for us on your last visit. Now , many members of our church started to feel the needs and do some pledges. Even our Engineer ( Loy ) donated 50 bags of cement ( about 13,000 pesos ) . Sister Joy ( bro. Joe’s wife ) pledge to buy tiles for the pulpit, ( about 20,000 pesos ) my wife Jerlie been encourage to donate the color red tiles for the isles. ( about 20,000 pesos). Brother Ericson Lizano and his wife Ivy also donated the adjacent lot they bought from brother Robert Ticzon of Bethsaida church for our parking area and for other purpose of development as we develop the building progressively. Now , we also understand why we need to work out the 15% remainder from the entire budget for us to exercise the LOVE of giving and helping other church build their church for the HONOR and GLORY of the body of CHRIST.

” Unto Him be Glory in the Church “.

As for this weeks’ work, we need to finish the front view of the building and the pulpit area, that is why we focused on finishing the GI roof and concreting on its floor. more on plastering for the next week and hoping we could start on placing its windows.

Last week, we experienced a magnitude 5.7 earthquake. every one is shocked and some of our paid workers is scared of something might happen to the building construction. Glory be to God no body got hurt and no single crack of the building’s foundation was found. Truly, The Church is made of God’s hand! AMEN


Allan Abais

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